_Great technology is about people The best IT people_

The key to job satisfaction is finding the right balance between people and their skills, and the tasks in which they can fully utilise their potential. At GOT IT we combine knowledge of the IT industry with many years of experience in conducting recruitment processes. We are a new software house for the best people in the field of technology. We are a programmer-oriented studio. The main goal of GOT_IT is to provide programmers with the most demanding projects.

GOT_IT is an IT service provider operating in Europe. We cooperate with companies looking for people or teams who will support their projects with their knowledge and experience. We provide programmers with the necessary tools, benefits package and a modern and properly adapted office. GOT IT gives people the opportunity to perform interesting and stimulating work in an international environment, without the need to relocate to another country.

Our role is to enable a company to work more effectively on projects. We cooperate with universities and support graduates in their development through participation in various projects.

(We GOT_IT all because people are everything Got it?)